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Innalogics is a spin-off company from the Embedded Systems Group (GSE) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. GSE is a research group in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at UFSC.

The company has been created by Prof. Eduardo Bezerra in 2005 at the University’s Technology Park TecnoPUC, at Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2010, the company moved to Florianopolis, in order to focus its activities on embedded systems for the aerospace sector.

The company has an R&D history not only in the aerospace sector, but also in the development of embedded software and hardware targeting technologies such as RFID, mobile applications (GSM/GPRS/3G), and GPS navigation.

In the government sector, Innalogics is a supplier of space systems to the National Institute of Space Research (INPE), to be used in satellites of the Brazilian Space Program. The company develops communication systems to be used in the on-board computer of satellites, using programming languages, and also HDL for radiation hardened devices as FPGAs and microprocessors.

In order to comply with the severe requirements demanded by critical systems in the aerospace field, Innalogics R&D teams follow international design standards for the systems development, and also in the technical documentation preparation, always targeting reliability improvement.


“Innalogics Ltd aims to be, in few years, an established company in the embedded systems market, employing disruptive and modern technologies to create dedicated and innovative products.”


“Innalogics Ltd designs, develops and integrates hardware and software solutions to fulfill the needs of the embedded systems market. This means, the development of products benefiting from the founders’ expertise in the field.”

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